Powis FB20 Super-Strips A4 Narrow Dark Brown N443 For Fastback Binding Machines

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G07 132


Product Description
  • Genuine A4 Fastback Narrow Dark Brown Superstrips for use with the Fastback 20,11, 15, 15E, 15X and XS Models.
  • These Fastback Superstrips are a rugged, multi purpose binding strip capable of strong tape binding in 17 seconds.
  • A Fastback bound document will stay bound for years to come, as each sheet is virtually locked into place from the sides, not just the edges. The adhesive on the Fastback Super Strips penetrates between and into each page. The superior adhesive flow compensates for small sheet misalignments.
  • Narrow Superstrips: Bind 3-125 sheets (80gsm) paper
  • Medium Superstrips: Bind 126-230 sheets (80gsm) paper
  • Wide Superstrips: Bind 231-350 sheets (80gsm) paper

Product Specification
  • Colour: Dark Brown
  • Size: Narrow
  • Binding Capacity: 3-125 sheets paper (based on 80gsm)
  • Fastback Code: N443
  • Box Quantity: 500
  • Compatibility: Fastback 20, Fastback 11, Fastback 15, Fastback 15E, Fastback 15X and Fastback XS Binding Machines.

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